Who We Are & What We Are Doing

This documentary film, about ten queer artists in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will introduce you to a small portion of a larger and very diverse art scene in our great city!  The documentary is centered around Sarah's story, who grew up in rural Wisconsin, came out a little later in life, and decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a comedian upon discovering the supportive queer arts scene in the Twin Cities.  We hope our story will open up a world to other queer folks of all backgrounds and inspire them to foster their creativity and originality.  With all the challenges that the LGBTQ population faces today, everyone can use a glimmer of hope and inspiration - we hope our film will provide a little burst of glitter to you! 

100% Volunteer

The cast and crew have donated thousands of hours to make this film as a labor of love. Donations of any amount to Sarah (the film's producer) to help cover production costs, marketing and distribution are greatly appreciated!